Monday, August 8, 2011



I am back from the breakfree resort. Woots~ Kinda proud of myself because I slept at 7.30 am and able to attend 10 am class this morning. :) Than you King and KwanLoong for sending me to Taylors. :) I did not skip, I attended the tutorial class :)

My very first time playing those extreme water sports, one word to describe FUN yet I hate the consequences that I have to face, body ache and muscle sore. Gosh, I walk like a crop now. I can't walk nicely because my muscles are suffering. I think it takes time to recover. Please recover asap.

The very first week for tutorial, promised myself to be better this sem. No more resitting no more slacking and no more bad things. Hwaiting !

Nvr meet my loves and babes for weeks. I miss them a lot. Sorry for being so busy :(

Pictures that taken in ystd some are w baby Emily, so I will update blog once I got the pictures from her.


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  1. You have a great day at breakfree resort. I face the consequences before. :)